Gifts + Protocol

My gifting rate is simple. I charge $450 for the first hour, $900 for two hours, and I have non-linear rates we can negotiate for additional hours and longer dates. Longer dates will need a deposit.

If you cancel within 24 hours, there’s a $150 cancellation fee for one hour dates or a 25% cancellation fee for longer dates.

If I travel to you, it’s an extra $50 or more, depending on where you are.

You’re paying for my time, nothing else. But if you’re clean and respectful, I promise you gifts and joys untold. Back when there were such things as reviews, I had some of the best in Boston.

You can email me anytime at I will get back to you shortly.

Here are some good things to know:

I love girls and I have friends I’d love to bring to our dates! Or I’d love to meet you and your girlfriend. If it’s me + my friend, then the gift will be our combined hourly donations. If it’s you and your girlfriend, it’ll be an additional $150 on top of my gift.

I’m very low volume. I try not to see more than one client per day, and when I’m hosting, never more than two. I arrange my dates around my day job, so while I try to be as accommodating as possible, last-minute rescheduling may not always happen. Last-minute cancellations incur a $100 fee.

Nothing’s sexier than respect. Be respectful, be nice, and we will have a wonderful time.

Good hygiene is essential. I shower before an appointment and I expect you to do the same. If I’m hosting, you’re welcome to use my shower. I won’t count that as part of our time together (as long as you’re reasonable).